Calls for STSM

In each period one PhoBioS member can be granted by maximum two grants among STSM, VM, ITC or dissemination grant. In case of limited budget the priority will be given to those who applied for the first time in this budget period (providing that scientific part and justification are accepted by CG)

Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

STSMs offer researchers valuable exchange opportunities within the Action, allowing them to spend research time in institutions abroad. These visits foster collaboration, enabling participants to share techniques and acquire skills not readily available in their home institutions.


STSMs involve researchers visiting a host organization in a different country for specific work, the minimum duration is limited to 5 working days.


• STSM Grantee: receives funding for implementing a project with an international team and gains new knowledge or access to equipment or techniques not available in the home institution.
• STSM Host: receives an international partner in their institution and can develop long lasting collaboration.

Both the Grantee and the Host must be affiliated to institutions within COST, Cooperating and Partner members countries, as listed in the COST web page.

Financial Support

Grants, with a maximum of €4000, support expenses related to the STSM. Long-distance travel adheres to COST rules.

Application Process

  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Applicants need an active e-COST profile.
  • Submission includes an online application form, STSM application template, CV, and written agreement from the Host Institution.

Decisions are made monthly during Core Group meetings, emphasizing timely planning before the mission's start.

STSMs are valuable for enhancing international collaboration, skill exchange, and advancing research goals. Applicants are encouraged to follow the outlined process for a successful application.

How to apply?

To apply for a STSM grant, please create an account on e-COST or log into your account.

Please find all templates on e-COST in the section COST Actions - Grant Applications - Apply for grant. Please select STSM grant and continue your application.