Second MC meeting, Work Group meeting and SPIE conference – April 2024

Second MC meeting, Work Group meeting and SPIE conference – April 2024

The second MC meeting, Work Group meeting and SPIE conference took place at Strasbourg, France, from April 8 to 10, 2024. During these days the CA members had a great opportunity to strengthen and increase their collaboration network within the PhoBioS Action.

“The Workshop of the COST Action CA21159 PhoBioS developed for three full days at the prestigious SPIE Photonics Europe Conference in Strasbourg was both a useful and an enjoyable experience. It has been vital to get in contact with the colleagues from the network. We got to realize what domains of expertise everyone is coming within the consortium (Day 1 for WP1 and Day 2 for WP2), had the chance to interact with each other (including at the „blind dates”), and were able to realize ideas and demands regarding future activities and the dissemination. The participation at the SPIE Conference in the Special Session in Day 3 was also a great idea and a fruitful time spent together. What else should we say? The organization was flawless, the location at the Hilton near the Conference Center (Palais des Congres et de la Musique) perfect and meeting the colleagues (many of them for the first time) was most welcome. To accelerate collaboration and to go further on with activities, such meeting would be welcomed as often as possible. The same for using every possible opportunity for meetings (even in a narrower format) at Conferences that are organized by Consortium’s members. Looking forward!
Virgil “

“Everyone knows that teamwork is important, but we don’t always see how necessary it is in order to achieve real results. Our last meeting in Strasbourg showed how much a group can contribute to each of its parts and how the vision of our group takes shape and starts to go. The activity, alongside Photonics Europe SPIE’s international conference, provided inspiration and content and we are all waiting for continuous work throughout the year and another meeting in a few months in Spain.

“I just returned from another PhoBioS – COST Action CA21159 meeting. It was lovely to reunite with this wonderful group of researchers from over 30 European countries. Thank you Malgorzata Szczerska and Dror Fixler for organising. This time our meeting was joined with SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics conference in Strasbourg. I enjoyed attending such a prestigious conference. Again thanks to Dror Fixler for that opportunity.
Aleksandra Janiak

“The PhoBioS meeting in Strasbourg was a great opportunity to put faces to names and engaging in meaningful conversations which added immense value to the entire experience. It was a please to be part of such a fantastic meeting. I genuinely appreciate the effort and dedication that Malgorzata and Dror put into orchestrating such a productive and enjoyable event. I am looking forward to future opportunities to meet all of you again.