Selection Rules Announcement​

Selection Process Summary

We received 28 applications to participate in the Training School as students. Due to the significant interest in participating in the school, a decision was made to increase the number of people who can receive reimbursement for participation in the school from COST funds to 16. All candidates received information about the result of the procedure by e-mail. Candidates who did not qualify for reimbursement of participation may take part in the school provided they cover the costs of arrival and stay on their own and declare their willingness to participate by the beginning of next week (March 25). All school participants should register themselves as participants of the CA21159 action and select the WG.

Dear school participants,

If any of you are interested in booking accommodation together at the Svalbard Hotell – The Vault (2 people in a room), please send an urgent message (this weekend – till March 24th) to the e-mail address (DW:

If you have preferences regarding a roommate, please indicate.